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Area History
Our building was built by famous architect Robert Wilkins. It was considered to be the first of its kind, architecturally and innovatively.
The Lowell and Andover Railroad was a branch line of the Boston and Maine Railroad and was organized in 1873, after the Boston and Lowell Railroad's monopoly on Boston to Lowell service ended in 1865. The line opened in 1874 from the B&M's main line at Lowell Junction in Andover, just south of the village of Ballardvale, west to Lowell through Tewksbury.

The line started on the B&M's main line just south of Ballardvale and went right through East Tewksbury and crossed over the Lowell & Lawrence tracks just north of Tewksbury Jct. From here it paralleled the L&L until it came to Wamesit. There the two lines met on either side of the Wamesit station house. As they entered Lowell, they were running about a half mile apart until they met the Concord River in Wigginsville a small neighborhood in South Lowell. The Lowell & Andover followed the Concord River to Downtown Lowell and built a station on Central Street.

In 1895, the B&M built a bridge across the Concord River and followed the L&L line to the Bleachery section of Lowell. It re-routed it traffic over this line and they continued to Downtown Lowell via the B&L main line, which the B&M had taken over in 1887.

Today, almost the entire branch is still in operation. In the 1920s, the B&M abandoned the Lowell & Lawrence in favor of the Lowell & Andover. The only part of the L&L that kept in service was the first mile between the Concord River and the Bleachery. The B&M abandoned their 1895 extension, in 1936 and built a connection from its line on the west side of the river to the L&L line. The original route along the Concord River from Wigginsville to Downtown was abandoned in 1982.

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